Alchemy of touch – 12hour training – 01./02.09.18

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir die international bekannten Körpertherapeuten und Massagelehrer gewinnen konnten bei uns ein 2-Tages Einführungstraining zu ihrem Ausbildungsmodul 1&2 zu halten. Es ist ihr erstes Training in der Schweiz überhaupt und eine einmalige Möglichkeit von ihnen zu lernen ohne weit in die Ferne zu reisen. Geeignet für Therapeuten, YogalehrerInnen aber auch Menschen, die neu auf dem Gebiet sind oder privat diese neue Massageform erlernen möchten.
Das Training wird in englischer Sprache geführt – bitte lest die Details hier:

Alchemy of Touch Essential Myofascial Chi-Release Training – 12 Hour

Learn how to release pain in the body with Alchemy of Touch’s Myofascial Chi-Release. Very effective hands-on techniques to eliminate pain and restore motion, opening the channels through which Chi flows to nourish and energise your entire being! 

A unique training program for Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, Yoga Teachers and anyone Interested in Health, Wellbeing and Transformation.

This 12 Hour Intensive Essential Training is the best Introduction to the unique and profound approach of Massage & Bodywork of Alchemy of Touch. You will learn the first and most important core techniques of the fusion of Alchemy of Touch. This Training is perfect to fit around your existing commitments and budget. And for those who want to learn in smaller steps due to their new enrolment in massage and Alchemy of Touch.

Upon Completion of the 12 Hour Intensive Essential Training you will have in your hands:

  • The emphasis will be on learning direct, easy and effective techniques to release the ‘problem’ area’s which most people experience with a special focus on: on Lower Back Pain Relief (Lumbar Area)
  • The combination of the different core techniques of Alchemy of Touch; Myofascial Chi-Release, Deep Tissue, Joint Mobilisation, Rebalancing, Yoga Thai Stretches.
  • How and when to use skillfully the different Techniques Alchemy of Touch taught you.
  • What is Fluid Touch© and how to use the effectiveness of ‘Fluid Touch’; Tapesh his own unique and innovative method!
  • How to align yourself while sharing touch to feel energized while giving a session.
  • The importance of the healing power of incorporating meditation during massage.
  • Meditation techniques, which will support you and your clients and your family and friends.
  • Techniques to open the natural healing energy in your hands.
  • Energy work and how to use it.

One of the most important aspects of Alchemy of Touch is the holistic understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, mind and soul. The training fosters both an in-depth journey into learning to work effectively with the myofascia and the understanding and practice of working integrated with the body-mind as one organic unity.
The experience is one of freedom from pain and emotional awareness and a deeper realization of oneself. Throughout the training there will be a emphasis on mediation, teaching a space of mindfulness and presence when working with people.

At the end of the training you will receive a Certification of Attendance.
Alchemy of Touch is an Officially Accredited Academy by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

Training Requirements for attending the Intensive Essential Trainings:

There are no special requirements for attending. The 12 Hour Intensive Essential Training is a unique training program for Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, Yoga Teachers and anyone Interested in Health, Wellbeing and Transformation. As long as you have the passion and openness to learn in a new way our Alchemy of Touch Techniques and Approach, you are mostly welcome!

The Founders & Trainers:
The worldwide Alchemy of Touch Trainings are made possible in the empowering work that Tapesh F. Paradiso and Anouk Devi share together with you.

Tapesh F. Paradiso
He is the founder of Alchemy of Touch. He lives and works throughout the world for many years as therapist & bodywork trainer and meditation teacher. And is passionately involved with the healing arts. Especially the East has always been a crucial destination and point of inspiration in his diverse journeys. With more than two decades of experiences through touch, bodymind journey and meditation, Tapesh developed a unique fusion that is now called ‘Alchemy of Touch’.

Anouk Devi
She is co-founder of the Alchemy of Touch Academy. She is trainer, bodywork therapist, personal coach and trauma- stress therapist, supporting the importance of mental stability, the synergy between bodymind; a total holistic approach. Anouk has an innate connection with the ancient wisdom teachings. Living in India and the East are an important part of inspiration to her. She is as well a Yin Yoga teacher, which focuses on releasing tension in the connective tissue, through a deep and meditative yoga practice.


Samstag 01.09.2018 09:30 – 16:30

Sonntag 02.09.2018 09:30 – 16:30


CHF 440.- (inkl. 2 Mittagessen)

min. Teilnehmerzahl 8.


Bärwolfhaus, Dorfstrasse 20c, 3232 Ins


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