Manifesting the true you – 1.5 – 5.5.19

We are all born being who we really are, a drop of the universal consciousness in a human body, being in perfect union with existence. This drop of the universal consciousness is our real individual identity, it has a specific quality and is bringing with it certain gifts and talents in order to enrich and expand this beautiful manifestation that is called life.

Being born in certain conditions (family, society, environment e.t.c.) and not being self-conscious of who we really are, we started developing in an unconscious way different beliefs about ourselves, people, relationships, life and ended up creating a way of being that is not reflecting what we really are, but the reflections that we took from the outside world and the conditions that we were born. Living in this way in a state of separation, fear, confusion, tension and non fulfillment.

When we live in tune with what we really are, we feel fulfilled, joyful and we walk our life with a sense of unity, flow, purpose and alignment with the universe, everything just makes sense.

In this workshop we are going to awake to our true inner identity, to the drop of the universal consciousness. We are going to recognize and connect with the specific quality of our inner being, the gifts, the talents and the true inner values that we came to bring in this life.

We will choose an area of our life that it is not as we would like it to be and will start recreating it according to the vision of our true self, allowing our heart to shine bright and lead us towards fulfillment. We will harmonize our unconscious, conscious and hyper conscious mind with our true self, our heart and its true vision and will open the pathways for its manifestation in to our day to day life.

The workshop has a meditative approach, it is an experiential inner journey towards the depth of our being and we will support this journey with techniques from the world of meditation, shamans, n.l.p, flower essences and energy healing.

In this workshop we are going to:
  • Awake to our true inner self.
  • Recognize and reconnect with the specific quality of our inner being, gifts, talents and our true inner values.
  • Connect and realign our unconscious, conscious and hyper conscious mind with our true self and its vision.
  • Clean our energy field from parasites and negative imprints.
  • Embrace, integrate and balance parts of the shadow self.
  • Heal and let go of the past.
  • Create new ways of perceiving, understanding and better decision making.
  • Open the pathways for the manifestation of our true self, our heart and its vision.
  • Connect our true self and its way of being with our everyday life.
  • Learn how to be more of who we really are and be aligned with our true vision in our everyday life.

The workshop is open for the people that have the calling to awaken to their true self and create a conscious life.


Mittwoch 01.05.2019 – Sonntag 05.05.2019


Bärwolfhaus, Dorfstrasse 20c, 3232 Ins


Omprakash Kostas Giaupi

Omprakash is a Holistic healer, founder of the Diamond Age Flower Essences, of the transcendental mushroom essences, of the workshop “Manifesting the true you” and meditation instructor. The approach of his work focuses on helping the individual to recognize his/her true essence and innate talents, to create a deep harmonization within and to live a life full of meaning, joy and fulfillment.

Walks the path of meditation and inner development since the year 2006. Having participated and trained in a variety of healing workshops, meditative therapies and self – awareness seminars, shares the experience and deep belief that every human being is a unique manifestation of existence that has within an amazing potential that is waiting to be manifested.

His life has led him into intense experiences through darkness and light, initiating him in deeper and subtle dimensions of the self. He has the quality of innocence, acceptance, sensitivity and love, has been given the gift to experience and go through subtle dimensions of life and recognize the divine essence in different forms of it.

Has experienced his life falling apart and raising again and again in different stages of it. Each of this falling apart stages was an ending circle of evolution and a message from life that he was missing a subtle alignment with his true essence and his path, in each raising step he was receiving guidance and tools from inner and outer nature in order to be in finer alignment with his true essence, his path and create a more meaningful life.

From these experiences life led him to create the diamond age flower essences, the transcendental mushroom essences and the ‘’manifesting the true you’’ workshop, which are the basis of his life and lead him step by step in a deeper understanding of his true essence and his path.

Leads Diamond Age Flower Essences and transcendental mushroom essences workshops and trainings, “manifesting the true you’’ individual and group workshops and meditation workshops. Gives NLP and Flower Essences sessions, instructs seminars in Reiki degrees and is a practitioner of various massage systems.

In each session and workshop brings all of his experience in order to achieve the best possible results.


CHF 444.-

To this will be added food (breakfast CHF 10.-, lunch CHF 25.-, dinner CHF 20.-) and accommodation (CHF 55.- single room / night, CHF 90.- double room / night, CHF 20.- dorm / night)

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This event will be held in English.


I’m truly grateful to you  for the workshop. It was amazing and important time for me.  Very hard work, but also great satisfaction. I  recognized myself much better. It was really surprising for me, how nice and easy it was to be in the darkness. I felt very disconcerted, that every piece of light has its own shadow.  It was not so easy to come back to reality after one week in Greece :). Fortunately my work grounded me well. Now I am trying to get into the habit of making meditation every day. I have already noticed that  little miracles have occurred in my common life more and more often.

Warm regards,


very very deep, I felt a lot was happening in my body on an energetic level, during the work, in the nights and still after coming back I feel that something has shifted in me, I feel more peace and easiness, and warmth (hope it’s not just post holidays syndrome ;)), and more synchronicities since my return back home I appreciated deeply the group we had, I got the feeling that owing to that each of us was really taken care of by You & could follow the process to the maximum. I was also astonished by Your devotion to us, devotion to keeping the space, work You were doing on us on all levels (of which majority I even cannot sense :)), a sense of security that You have build in us that guided us via workshop I find it very unique and inspiring how You are combining the shamanic work with awareness, and how You were able to track and highlight the moments when we were going into our personality and escaping our being, big wow

Of course I had my process with You especially during the first day – I felt that I cannot maintain the space and take care of myself the way I need it & that we are very much attached to the structure and not following the energy & our needs what led me to some tensions. I was very hungry, in a rush during the break and I felt my limits in this aspect (that for quite a while I was working on => as I used to not take care of my basic needs and rhythm for majority of my life) and here it was – right at the beginning of our work – confrontation with the past 🙂 So when initiating the second day You said that You will follow our energy not just the structure, and we will see how it will go – I felt instant relaxation and letting go. And I know that also to some extent in those days, especially the first two ones, I was projecting on you my father (pretty common pattern of mine on workshops ;)) and I could observe it dispersing with time as I was felling more and more connection and understanding for You and Your work from the heart level

I loved the ending fire ceremony – it was totally magical for me & I felt really connected with nature and life up there on the beach, It was amazing to feel the emotions and some past coming out of me with the fire overtaking my notes in a depth I never felt before – I will keep this feeling with me for a long time.


To deduce myself is the most beautiful quality that I could feel at the Omprakash workshop. I felt very safe when I visited my shadow. I saw in this journey who I am and who I have always been, I know what qualities I am. I am not afraid anymore. I am strong. I have all the beautiful pictures that I have seen in myself. My essence lives in me. I am full of joy. Thank you Omprakash with all my heart. See you soon.