Conscious Medicine – 10.-12.05.19

Bodhi Medicine is one of the most refined and scientific approaches to the human body that allows each individual to understand what Health really means. Through Bodhi Medicine we understand what the body is saying with any symptom or disease and therefore become more conscious and caring of our body and the people around us.
In the Conscious Medicine Workshops you will learn how emotional & psychological events you experience in life affect the physical body, and how the body helps you to overcome these situations with its natural physiological responses. The body normally manifests the effort to come back to balance through symptoms in a specific area of the body.
Conscious Medicine helps you to come out of the fear-based concept of Disease and reconnect with your intrinsic trust and understanding of how your body heals itself when we give it the right support.
In these workshops you will learn solid principles that are a great support for any practitioner of bodywork, energy work, nutrition, psychology, meditation, traditional allopathic doctors or for anyone interested in knowing what their body is saying with each symptom and how to prevent disease from occurring. In these workshops you will learn essential principles that will transform the way you see your body, health, dis-ease and life itself.


Freitag 10.05.2019 – Sonntag 12.05.2019


Bärwolfhaus, Dorfstrasse 20c, 3232 Ins


Dr. Nirdosh Kohra

Nirdosh teaches these workshops based on his personal experience of more than 13 years working with Allopathic Medicine, Meditation, Neurosomatic Rebalancing, Naturopathy, Conscious Nutrition and many other methods of Alternative Medicine.

Everything that he teaches is based on extensive scientific research by Medical and Holistic doctors around the world.


CHF 290.-

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This event will be held in English.